Monday, August 18, 2008

T V-Medvedev: troops pulling out Monday

Aug. 17 - In a phone call, the Russian president has told his French counterpart Russian troops will start withdrawing from Georgia midday August 18th.

The Russian president's declaration comes after a period of confusion on the ground in Georgia on Sunday (August 17).

Much of the confusion stemmed from the remarks of Russia's frontline commander in Georgia, who said peacekeepers were moving in to replace Russian soldiers.

# Russian Major-General Vyacheslav Borisov.
"Stay here and you'll hear some sensational news: peacekeepers are moving in to replace us - with badges on their sleeves. These are the peacekeepers who've been here for 12 years. They'll replace the troops step-by-step and troops will be withdrawing."
# Head Of Civil Registration, Georgi Vashadze.

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